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How to Remove Freon from a Dehumidifier? – A COMPLETE Guide


Can Freon Make You Sick?

Freon is a headache but not because it’s toxic to our health. Quite the contrary, Freon is non-toxic for humans. However, the problem is that it is hazardous for the planet!

When we use and throw out dehumidifiers with Freon, they eventually start leaking the gas. And as it released it into the atmosphere, it lingers for centuries, causing hazardous ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect.

When millions of people do it, Freon suddenly becomes a serious concern.

This then leads to the question: how do you remove Freon from your dehumidifier? Read on to find out!

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Best Dehumidifier for Dust Mite Allergy | Buying Guide

Best Dehumidifier for Dust Mite Allergy

Sometime in the 1950's, scientists first started using the term “micro-climate” to put forward the idea that there’s an entire array of local climate conditions that can differ greatly but be separated by just a few feet. That idea later got expanded to cover the human body and areas in the house, among other things.

In a micro-climate, which could be just a few inches across, there is a relatively stable “atmosphere” and the “weather” is unchanging. 

For example, the armpits have their own micro-climate and so do does the area in the kitchen sink or under the bed.

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Why is My Dehumidifier Blowing Hot Air? – A COMPLETE Guide

Why is My Dehumidifier Blowing Hot Air?

A dehumidifier works to keep our rooms at a comfortable humidity level.

The best case scenario is for us to set it once and leave it thereafter; or better yet, simply “plug and play”.

But if you’ve noticed that your unit is producing heat, you must be wondering if this is a cause for concern?!

Could there be a hidden setting or added function that can be discovered and tweaked to make the appliance work even better?

Or is the unit malfunctioning and requires replacing?

You may be thinking: "Why is my dehumidifier blowing hot air?" This article answers just that.

Let’s jump straight into it...

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Humidifier vs Dehumidifier for Cough: Which should you get?

Humidifier vs dehumidifier for cough

We hear it everywhere. It echoes through apartment complexes and reverberates through households, scaring babies and sending nearby dogs into a barking frenzy.

Immediate, overwhelming, and unstoppable, coughs are often a visceral reaction to our surroundings. 

Unfortunately, we usually just ignore coughs because we have very few means of stopping it; we are often helplessness when consumed by incessant coughing.

What we can do, however, is change our immediate environment to make the bouts of coughing just a bit more tolerable. As with all the most effective remedies, the secret to easing cough is daily prevention!

But which works better or cough - a lower or higher humidity?

To answer this question, we compare a humidifier vs dehumidifier for cough, to see which is best suited for our needs.

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