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How to Increase Humidity in Tortoise Tank / Table? – A COMPLETE Guide

How to Increase Humidity in Tortoise Tank?

Tortoises are docile land-dwellers that need humidity.

A lot of humidity.

Hence, keeping a tortoise as a pet means creating the perfect humidity and temperature for this shy, reclusive reptile.

As pets, tortoises are typically kept in either tables or tanks, of which you have to create the perfect tabletop environment for the animal. 

How to increase humidity in a tortoise tank / table? 

Read on to find out!

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Best Humidifier for Tortoise – A COMPLETE Guide

Best Humidifier for Tortoise

Are you looking for the best humidifier for your tortoise? Tortoises are famous because of their quiet and cute nature.

While these are challenging pets they are very rewarding as well.

The life span of tortoise is very long, ranging 50 to 100 years! So, if you are going to take a tortoise as a pet then you should provide them - a comfy habitat to reproduce, grow and live.

This means appropriate shelter with a suitable support and care.

To help with a tortoise’s normal behavior, shedding and hydration, a humidifier will come a long way in helping to achieve this. 

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Best Humidifier for Desert Climate – A COMPLETE Guide

Best Humidifier for Desert Climate

Deserts are generally known as places that rarely get rain and are extremely hot! 

However, that is partly true. Deserts can be hot or cold depending on the form of precipitation they receive in a year. 

If precipitation is in the form of rain, the deserts are considered “hot deserts” while in the form of snow are regarded as “cold deserts”.

Regardless of the nature of deserts, the humidity is almost always LOW in a desert climate.

In more severe cases, low humidity may exacerbate respiratory tract problems because of the drying up of the mucous membrane. 

Hence, even if you are living in a city that faces similar conditions to deserts and the humidity level is very low, installing a humidifier in your home can really help in providing much needed comfort. 

However, it can be hard navigating through all the different products available. Thankfully, we've all the research for you!

Read on to find out what ended up as the best humidifier for a desert climate...

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How to Increase Humidity in Ball Python Tank? – A COMPLETE Guide

How to Increase Humidity in Ball Python Tank?

Ball pythons are one of the most popular pet reptiles thanks to their colorful and imaginative skin patterns, with colors that can range from yellow and white to brown and black to better blend in with the environment.

However, ball or royal pythons originate from around African shrubs and grasslands, where can they grow up to 6 feet (180 centimetres) long, and have specific environmental requirements to thrive.

Hence, a newfangled ball python owner might wonder — what amount of moisture is correct for my snake and how do I increase the humidity in a ball python tank?

Read on and find out!

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Best Humidifier for Ball Python – A COMPLETE Guide

Best Humidifier for Ball Python

Ball pythons are amazing pets given their relatively small small, ease of maintenance, and contain docile temperaments.

The availability of these snakes in beautiful color variations make them more attractive. 

However, to ensure your ball python can enjoy the best life, proper care is important. 

And one of the most important factors is providing them with a comfortable environment.

Accordingly, here you'll find a shortlist of our recommendations for the best humidifier for ball pythons along with key considerations for you and your beloved python's needs.

Read on to find out more!

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How to Raise Humidity in Chameleon Cage? – A COMPLETE Guide

How to raise humidity in chameleon cage

How to raise humidity in chameleon cage? 

Well, chameleons are a delicate kind of reptile.

They require a bit of care but reward their owners with affection and a splendid array of colors they can show on their skin.

Chameleons are gun-shy and like to blend in. At about five months old, they gain the ability to change color on their skin.

There are many types of chameleons but they all enjoy a relatively dry air with occasional background bursts of humidity.

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Best Humidifier for Chameleon – A COMPLETE Guide

Best humidifier for Chameleon

As a Chameleon owner it becomes your duty to keep your Chameleon in a comfortable environment.

This also includes a comfortable habitat to live, grow and reproduce in the best possible way.

One of the most important components, which your reptile will require for hydration, normal behavior and shedding, is the humidity!

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Are Humidifiers Safe for Cats? – A COMPLETE Guide

Are humidifiers safe for cats?

Cats are delightful little fur balls, providing us companionship and even vermin extermination.

Throw in a toy or two and you’ve also got an endless source of entertainment to regale your social media contacts with.

However, cat colds and congestion are one of the most common health problems of kittens and cat adults.

Feline upper respiratory diseases often affect shelter and rescue cats!

While there are preventive vaccinations available to help protect your cats, many kittens and cats become infected very early before vaccinations can be given.

Once infected, a cat may develop sniffles whenever they are stressed. 

Can humidifiers help with this? Why is your feline stalking and pawing at that brand new humidifier all of a sudden?

Does your cat perceive it as vermin, a toy or just entertainment?

How do cats perceive humidifiers? 

To put it bluntly – Are humidifiers safe for cats?
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Best Humidifier for Toddlers Cough – A COMPLETE Guide

Best humidifier for toddlers cough

A toddler is an endless fount of unsteady, stumbling energy.

Since they tend to stumble around, toddlers grab onto all sorts of surfaces to swipe up all the dust and grime before putting their hands in their mouth.

You most likely won’t even notice all the surfaces the toddler has swiped and tasted until a couple days later.

You’ll be tucking in your ball of love, only to hear hoarse coughing like they’re about to cough up a fur-ball.

The hoarse cough keeps going and soon enough, your precious toddler is producing green snot and phlegm from the nostrils and the mouth.

You turn around to the worried spouse peeking around the door jamb and say, “I will need a young priest and an old priest”.

Hold off on the exorcism for now; first, let’s take a look at the best humidifier for toddlers cough.

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