Dyson TP01 vs TP02 – A COMPLETE Comparison

Dyson TP01 vs TP02 – A COMPLETE Comparison

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Dyson is one of the few air purifier manufacturers who has quickly built its place in the market.

But the question of why should one select Dyson over other brands is what echo in the minds of new customers!

Well, one can trust a brand like Dyson that is highly reputable among its customers and has a functioning history of three decades.

Nearly all of its products are backed by internationally recognized certifications, which add to their credibility.

With the exponential growth in its reputation, Dyson has made its operation worldwide, and the United States isn't the only country where it is currently functioning.

Dyson produces multiple types of air purifiers that are suitable for different conditions. So, choosing the right product according to our needs is not less than a hustle!

Previously we have compared other Dyson Pure Cool Link™ models which you can check out too.

Here in this article, we will make an in-depth comparison of Dyson TP01 vs TP02 to make the purifier selection process easier for you.

Let's jump straight into it.


Dyson TP01 vs TP02


Dyson TP02's Design

TP01 and TP02

The physical appearance of both TP01 and TP02 devices are nearly the same with precisely equal dimensions and an oval amp shape.

Air Purifiers in Dyson's 'TP' range are their tallest, at height of 40 inches, and width of 7.5 inches.

Dyson has kept the design of its whole family of air purifiers nearly the same, making the overall air purification process identical in all units.

Both TP01 and TP02 intake air from 3600 all around through a perforated grill located at the bottom of the air purifier.

After the intake process, air goes into the filtration chamber, where a layer of filters removes germs and captures unwanted substances.

Purified air is vented out back into the room through the perforated holes located at the upper front section of the purifier unit.

Conclusion: Both units aren't bulky at all; they can fit in anywhere in your room. But, if we compare them with round shape purifiers, these units take more time in purifying the room.

Also, since both units intake air from 3600 perforated grills, the time required to purify the room air would nearly be the same.

However, some other parameters like airflow might quicken the purification process, which we will discuss later in the article. 


Dyson TP01 and TP02 Filters

TP01 and TP02

The filtration chamber in both purifier units contains two filters; True HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter.

  • The True HEPA filter has a role in removing small airborne particles as low as the size of 0.3 microns in diameter. Few of such particles include pollen, bacteria, and pet dander.
  • Activated Carbon Filter deals with other odors, smoke, and gases from the air.

Conclusion: Dyson has equipped both purifiers units with the same number and type of filters; thus, one can say that the filtration performance of both purifiers will be nearly the same.

LCD Display



Dyson has made the life of its customers more comfortable by adding a digital LCD, which shows different parameters like fan speed control, timer settings, WiFi strength, and sleep mode in real-time.

In the TP01, it is located below the air intake grill at the front bottom of the air purifier. It gives users the flexibility to change the parameter, as mentioned above, using the small remote control.


Just like Dyson TP01, this version is also equipped with an in-built LCD that displays the features mentioned above in real-time.

However, it is also compatible with the Dyson Link App and Alexa.

Conclusion: Although both units are equipped with LCD, it can only be controlled via remote control in case of TP01.

However, Dyson Link App and Alexa compatibility in Dyson TP02 makes the control process more flexible. 

Considering such flexibility, TP02 edges out TP01 in this department.




TP01 doesn't have WIFI connectivity. The only way to control the device is via manual remote control.


On the other hand, TP02 is a WIFI enabled air purifier. Thanks to its WIFI connectivity ability, it is compatible with Alexa as well.

Conclusion: In this department, TP02 beats TP01. With WIFI Integration, you have more options to play within TP02, which lacks in the TP01 air purifier.


Weight differences between Dyson TP02 and TP01

TP01 and TP02

Both units weigh the same at 8.4 lbs. Moreover, despite being tall in size these units are light enough to move around the house single-handedly!

They are so light in weight that even your children can drop these units with their hands. So, always keep an eye on them!  

Conclusion: Being light, both units are portable and easy to move. Even you won't even have to install casters under these units.

But as mentioned earlier, the only thing you'll have to look out for are your curious kids and pets.

Room Coverage

Room Coverage

TP01 and TP02

There is currently no official data provided by the Dyson of how much space these units can cover.

However, users have found that both units work fine in a room of 500 sq. ft., which is unsurprising given they are similar in size and airflow rate.

Conclusion: Room coverage is one of the factors that limit the use of any device. If a purifier with less capacity is used for a larger room, it won't perform at its best!

As both units have same room coverage, you can select any unit if you have to decide solely based on their room coverage.

But, as TP02 is WIFI enabled and provides flexible control, we would advise you to choose the TP02 air purifier.

Air Flow

Air Flow


The airflow in TP01 is 114.7 gal/s.


The air flow in TP02 is less than that of TP01 with actual value at 108.31 Gallon per second. The lesser the airflow, the more time required to completely purify the room.

Conclusion: Although Dyson’s TP02 air purifier is a WIFI enabled device with better features, this is the department where TP01 beats it due to a slightly higher airflow (which means a quicker purification process!).



TP01 and TP02

As both Dyson TP01 and TP02 units are equipped with bladeless fans, the noise level is pretty low for them.

No official data is currently provided by the Dyson about how much noise these units make.

However, buyer's reviews show that it would be in the range of 40 dB to 62 dB, which isn't disturbing at all.

One thing that separates the two is the availability of Sleep mode in TP02, which automatically puts the unit at the lowest possible fan speed, thus producing lesser noise. 

Conclusion: The maximum noise level produced by both units is low, but, the availability of night mode in only the TP02 gives this unit a comparative edge over TP01.

Power Consumption

Dyson TP01 vs TP02 Power Consumption

TP01 and TP02

These units consume the same amount of power as a standard ceiling fan, which is lower than 60 Watts.

Conclusion: With nearly the same power requirement, both are energy-efficient appliances and units consume the same reasonable amount of power. This makes both great in this department.

Both units’ timer functions that let the unit run for specific hours during the day also saves you from paying extra bucks in energy bills. 

Purifier Oscillation


Dyson has added the oscillation feature in its products that works just like pedestal fan to blow the air in more than one direction.

Thanks to its air multiplier technology, their bladeless fan offers focused exposure of cool air to more than one person sitting in a single room at one time, greatly overshadowing both units’ limitations of a rigid base and limited degree of oscillation (not 360!).


TP01 has an oscillation of 70 degrees, which is nearly three times less than that of TP02.

On the other hand, TP02 can oscillate nearly three times more than the TP01, at a wider angle of 180.

Conclusion: Dyson’s TP02 can cover a greater angle of oscillation. The TP02 wins this one.

Smart Controls


Over a period of three decades, Dyson has continuously invested a large part of its revenue in innovating its product to enhance its capabilities.

It's been more than three decades since Dyson had started its operation in 1991, and one can see massive improvements in all departments of their appliances.

The primary element that differentiates its new devices from old ones is the integration of smart sensors and the addition of WIFI/remote accessibility, which not only makes the overall control process more accessible but reliable as well.

Due to its advanced built-in sensors, it has successfully made its place in the market.


The TP01 is equipped with a timer, but there is no air quality sensor and night mode.

Not having an air quality sensor means, you will have to adjust the fan speed manually every time according to your requirements.

Due to the absence of a night mode, you will have to manually dim all lights and put the speed at the lowest level. So, you can't enjoy such flexibility of dimming all lights with just a single touch in this unit.

Still, you will find certain features like the remote control and timer function that are common in both devices.

Talking about timer functionalities, you can set the unit to operate for any specific time duration ranging from 15 minutes to 10 hours, of which the unit will then turn off automatically.

Dyson Link app


Unlike Dyson’s TP01 Air Purifier, the TP02 is equipped with a built-in quality control sensor and other smart features.

The quality control sensor has a role in capturing the amount of pollution inside the room and adjusting the purification rate according to the pollution levels.

Optimizing the fan speed will not only save energy but also make the overall air purification process more efficient.

Talking about other smart features which include WIFI connectivity and flexible control using the Dyson Link App or Alexa compatibility, it makes our life more comfortable.

Just like TP01, this unit can also be controlled with remote control, which is magnetic, and you can quickly put it at the top of the air purifier to avoid misplacing it.

As mentioned earlier in this section that both units have a timer mode, but only Dyson TP02 is enabled with auto-mode and night mode that isn't there in the TP01 unit.

The timer ranges from 15 minutes to 10 hours, just like the TP01 unit.

Conclusion: Without a second thought, TP02 is a far better unit than TP01 when it comes to smart features.

Lack of night-mode and WIFI connectivity makes the TP01 pale in comparison to the TP02.

The compatibility of Alexa gives TP02 an edge and makes TP02 a go-to purifier. 

Multiple Fan Speeds

Multiple Fan Speeds

Apart from the features mentioned above, there the presence of multiple fan speeds is another essential feature to consider!

At higher fan speeds, the purification process will be quick and vice versa.

Some purifiers are equipped with air quality sensors that control the fan speeds directly by sensing the air quality within the room.

However, in the case of classic air purifiers, we have to adjust it manually.

TP01 and TP02

In this case, both units can shift between 10 different fan speed settings.

Conclusion: Both TP01 and TP02 are equipped with these features, which puts them in the list of "Smart Air Purifiers. Both units are reliable here.



TP01 and TP02

Dyson provides two years of warranty for both of its air purifiers that cover any cost involved in its maintenance, including the labor cost as well.

Thanks to their responsive customer support, you won't have to wait long to claim the warranty.

Conclusion: Dyson is in the list of trusted brands with an excellent operational history of three decades. You won't even find a need to claim the warranty at first place – thanks to its fault-free appliances.

Two years of warranty, highly reputable among its customers and having 4.5 stars ratings for most of its products; one can easily trust its products! 



TP01 and TP02

Both under-reviewed units are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which make both units great for asthma or allergy sufferers.

These units have also got a PTPA seal of approval. Very few air purifiers get this seal because of the rigorous testing that is done before the approval.

Conclusion: As two internationally recognized certification organizations back both under-reviewed units, one can trust both of them when it comes to their purification capabilities.

But, the addition of smart features in TP02 makes it reliable and more trustworthy than the TP01 unit.

Considering the certifications, both units are equally backed. Still, it would be wise to choose TP02 considering all additional features it has got in comparison with TP01. 

Customer Service


TP01 and TP02

Dyson beats most of the highly reputable brands when it comes to their excellent support that it provides to its customers.

Starting from the answering questions about their devices until their quick support while claiming the warranty, hardly any brand stands in their competition.

Few recent buyers have praised their customer support being responsive even after the end of the warranty period.

With Dyson, you will get a quick shipment of replacement parts, and you won't have to wait for weeks to hear back from them, which is the case with most of the multi-national brands.

The best part is you can contact their customer support at any time during the day and seven days a week. You can discuss your queries with their customer support team at any time during the day.

Taking it all together: Which is the Best?

Dyson TP01 vs TP02: Which is the Best?

To this point, both the features and benefits of TP01 and TP02  should be more evident.

By far, you have noticed that both units have nearly the same features, with TP02 having a slight edge over TP01 in specific departments.

Both units equally share few features like same room coverage, low noise level, backed by certifications, same warranty, nearly identical power consumption, exactly equal weight, LCD integration, and same design and filtration power.


Dyson Pure Cool HP01

Dyson Pure Cool HP02

HEPA Filter






Air Quality Sensor



Alexa Compatibility



Dyson Link App Connectivity






WiFi Support



Night Mode



Still, TP02 has the upper hand in features like air quality sensor, night mode, auto-mode, compatibility with Alexa and Dyson Link App, more comprehensive degree of oscillation, and WIFI-connectivity.

One area where TP01 beats TP02 is its higher airflow, but there is a minor difference between them in this department.

So, you won't see much difference in the overall air purification time.

It is your choice to choose any product from these two, but selecting the TP02 with so many additional features as mentioned above at a slightly extra cost isn't a bad deal!

Still, you can choose any unit that best matches your requirements, and now you are in a better decision to decide on your own.

In the end, it is you who should be more concerned about your health and the health of your loved ones than anyone else!

Breathing fresh air all the time is just one buy away from you!

Dyson TP01

Dyson TP02