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Best Humidifier for Cats with Asthma | What should you get?

Best Humidifier for Cats with Asthma

Your beloved fluffy feline just got another asthmatic seizure – hunched over, with stomach muscles twitching and coughing up mucus, you rush over from across the room to give them their asthma medicine.

Your poor cat may have survived another asthma attack but for how long can this go on? Is there any respite from the incessant asthma attacks? The good news is, the answer's yes. 

This article will address just that.

First, you’ll get recommendations on the best humidifier for cats with asthma.

Then, we’ll focus on what triggers cat asthma, symptoms, treatment and the tools you can use to give yourself and your beloved animal some respite. 

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Why is My Dehumidifier Blowing Hot Air? – A COMPLETE Guide

Why is My Dehumidifier Blowing Hot Air?

A dehumidifier works to keep our rooms at a comfortable humidity level.

The best case scenario is for us to set it once and leave it thereafter; or better yet, simply “plug and play”.

But if you’ve noticed that your unit is producing heat, you must be wondering if this is a cause for concern?!

Could there be a hidden setting or added function that can be discovered and tweaked to make the appliance work even better?

Or is the unit malfunctioning and requires replacing?

You may be thinking: "Why is my dehumidifier blowing hot air?" This article answers just that.

Let’s jump straight into it...

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Best Humidifier for Eyelash Extensions | Review and Recommendation

Best Humidifier for Eyelash Extensions

Achieving a great bond for your eyelash extensions is crucial for strong lash retention, but that's not all! Even the air quality, humidity, and room temperature can impact on the formation of the eyelash bond.

To achieve optimum adhesive performance when applying a self and long-lasting eyelash extension, you need a humidifier. This is because, humidity plays a more vital role than most people think when it comes to fixing an eyelash extension.

"Even the air quality, humidity, and room temperature has an impact on the formation of the eyelash bond."

Hence, to eliminate the negative impact of room temperature on your eyelash extensions, your best line of defense is to arm yourself a humidifier...

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Humidifier vs Dehumidifier for Cough: Which should you get?

Humidifier vs dehumidifier for cough

We hear it everywhere. It echoes through apartment complexes and reverberates through households, scaring babies and sending nearby dogs into a barking frenzy.

Immediate, overwhelming, and unstoppable, coughs are often a visceral reaction to our surroundings. 

Unfortunately, we usually just ignore coughs because we have very few means of stopping it; we are often helplessness when consumed by incessant coughing.

What we can do, however, is change our immediate environment to make the bouts of coughing just a bit more tolerable. As with all the most effective remedies, the secret to easing cough is daily prevention!

But which works better or cough - a lower or higher humidity?

To answer this question, we compare a humidifier vs dehumidifier for cough, to see which is best suited for our needs.

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How to Clean a Humidifier Without Filter? – A COMPLETE Guide

How to Clean a Humidifier Without Filter?

Many of us have humidifiers that help us with our various symptoms. Some units have filters that trap dirt and allergens, preventing these dangerous substances from entering our airways. 

Once these filters have done their job, simply replace them with a new one and you're good to go.

However, many other great humidifiers do not have filters and require regular maintenance to function optimally. 

Imagine what it would be like if you have a breathing condition or allergies, and your humidifier is not cleaned correctly. 

Having a dirty humidifier can be dangerous to your health because it can be a breeding ground fungus and bacteria. 

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Best Humidifier for Parrots | A COMPLETE Guide

Best Humidifier for Parrots

It is said that a parrot and its owner quickly become alike, reflecting each other in appearance and behavior.

When it comes to humidity, that adage might be more true than we think!

Our feathery friends need a comfortable indoor climate too, and especially a comfortable humidity level!

If not, they start hurting and acting weird in all sorts of ways. 

Moreover, as pets, parrots are completely reliant on the owner to provide them with the ideal indoors climate.

Accordingly, here are the best humidifiers for our lovely little birds.

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What is the Ideal Humidity for Parrots? Humidity level you should use

Ideal Humidity for Parrots

We love our pet birds! And we already know that keeping them warm is important for their health.

However, birds kept indoors also need proper humidity to avoid dry skin, brittle feathers, and trouble with breathing.

Parrots typically come from the tropics, which are hot and humid. In our houses and out of their natural habitats, heaters typically dry out the air, causing a stressful change in their environment.

This is especially so if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere where sudden drops in temperature during winter can cause a lot of problems for your parrot.

So, what is the ideal humidity for parrots?

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Can Humidity Cause Sinus Problems? | A COMPLETE Guide

Can Humidity Cause Sinus Problems?

Sinusitis, or sinus infections, occur when the tissues in our sinuses swell or become inflamed.

A stuffy nose and trouble breathing are the first signs of sinus problems. 

As is the case with most other bodily functions, we’re often caught unaware and don’t even notice them when they’re working properly! *Gasp*

There are many factors that influence the proper working of sinuses.

Moreover nowadays, with air humidity being very much within our control, the question then becomes – can humidity cause sinus problems?

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Best Humidifier for Elderly – Your COMPLETE Guide

Best Humidifier for Elderly

Elders need more care to lead a comfortable life.

Hence the emphasis has been moving towards being active physically and mentally in recent times. 

As long as the elderly are out and about, such as doing gardening and regularly spending time with other people, they will have a higher quality of life in their later years.

Having a lifestyle incorporating light exercise and a regular schedule where they can be active mentally is being encouraged. 

" not realize that the issue lies with the air they breathe, which is being untreated"

However, indoors, we often take things for granted and leave them to their own devices.

As we grow older, we progressively get weaker and become more susceptible to illnesses.

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Cool Mist vs Warm Mist Humidifier for Sinus Problems: Which is better?

Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier comparison

BeCalmingHaven / Amazon

Cold weather is a herald of breathing problems, which often include congested sinuses.

This usually means symptoms like: tenderness/pressure around the nose, cheeks, and forehead regions, runny/stuffy noses, coughs, fatigue, and in some instances body aches!

Regulating humidity does help in clearing the congestion but one question remains – is a warm or cool mist humidifier better for sinus problems?

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