Best Air Purifier for Radon – Your COMPLETE Guide

Best Air Purifier for Radon – Your COMPLETE Guide

Best Air Purifier for Radon

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that roams around our homes that we are not aware of!

We live with this deadly gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking and results in 21000 deaths per year.

It enters our homes without knocking at the door, and we don’t even know it exists!

During the decay of radioactive elements, many gases, including the Radon, are released into the atmosphere.

These radioactive elements are usually present in soil and rocks. Thus, cracks in the floor and walls of our homes and gaps in underground pipelines let this gas to enter our homes.

Where Radon affects smokers quite often, even non-smokers aren’t safe from it.


At a Glance: Our Top Picks of Air Purifiers for Radon

Recent statistics show that out of the 21000 Radon related lung cancer deaths, approx. 2900 of them have never smoked in their lives.

Even your pets can become victims if this hazardous gas is not adequately controlled!

Basements, being close to the foundation, are the main target of Radon. If you spend a lot of time in the basement, you better check the radon levels inside it before it’s too late.

You can measure Radon with radon detection kits, which you can easily buy on hardware stores.

According to the EPA, the average indoor radon level is nearly 1.3 picocuries per liter (pCi/L). If that level exceeds 4.0 pCi/L, you should take action to lower it down.

How is Radon harmful to humans?

After its release, Radon breaks down into small solid elements, generally known as radon progeny.

These elements get mixed with the dust particles present in the air inside our homes, and unknowingly, we inhale the air along with Radon.

When these small particles reach our lungs, they can damage the DNA inside our cells through radiation.

You may not see its effects abruptly, but it slowly affects our lungs, and at its critical levels, becomes a threat to our life.

Best Air Purifiers for Radon

  • Completely replaces air in 900 sq. ft room in 1 hour
  • Purification efficiency and speed 30% higher than other ordinary air cleaners
  • Our pick for Radon removal
  • Completely replaces air in 350 sq. ft² room up to 48 times per day
  • 5-Stage Purification System eliminates 99.97% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns
  • Overall BEST for Radon
  • Circulates air up to 1.5x per hour in a 800 sq. ft² room
  • Whisper quiet: 22dB
  • Medical Grade ULTRA-DUO Filtration System
  • 3 Stage Air Purification
  • Smart Sensor gauges the air & Auto Mode filters air as needed
  • Amazon's Choice
  • Suitable for rooms up to 1,560 sq. ft²
  • Pollution sensor communicates real-time indoor air quality
  • Ideal for medium to large rooms

How do air purifiers help?

Radon enters in our respiratory system by mixing with small dust particles. If we can purify the air we are inhaling, we can get rid of Radon as well. And many air purifiers are able to do just that!

That’s where air purifiers are handy!

After passing through a layer of filters, all harmful contaminants within the air are filtered out, including the Radon.

Where HEPA filters are preferred to remove most of the allergens, it’s the “Activated Carbon” filter that matters more in dealing with Radon.

Read on to find out what is the best air purifier for radon..


#1 Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier (HSP001)

Hathaspace | HSP001

  • 5 in 1 Purification System
  • Auto-mode/Air Quality Sensor
  • Low Noise
  • Night-mode
  • Timer Function
  • Whisper-quiet Technology
  • Two Years Warranty
  • Remote Control
  • CARB Certified
  • Not Compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant
  • No Filter Replacement Indicator
  • No Child-lock

Hathaspace’s HSP001 Air Purifier is equipped with a 5 in 1 purification system. Four filters and an ionizer are arranged in the following manner:

Cold Catalyst Filter > Activated Carbon Filter > Antibacterial Filter > True HEPA Filter > Ionizer

The Cold Catalyst is a pre-filter that deals with large dust particles and mold, with Radon gas filtered out by the activated carbon Filter.

In auto-mode, smart air quality sensors measure real-time data and electronically control the fan speed according to the purification requirements.

Just like Coway’s Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier, the noise level for the HSP001 remains at below 45 dB on maximum fan speed that proves its whisper-quiet technology.

At sleep mode, it is even less than 20dB.

This unit can efficiently purify a 350 ft2 room in half an hour. With two air changes per hour, it can easily clean a place of the above-mentioned size up to 48 times a day.

While this purifier has a timer which you can set, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t beep before turning off after completing its cycle.

The HSP001 also cannot pair with any smart devices like Alexa or Google Home Assistant. But, you can control the unit with remote control. Just keep it close to your bedside or couch.

Hathaspace advises changing the filter every 4-6 months, however, unlike the LEVOIT LV-PUR131 (also later in this list), this unit doesn’t have a filter replacement indicator.

Being fully approved by CARB, this unit is ozone-free (ozone is harmful to people already suffering from lung diseases).

All in all, while Hathaspace’s HSP001 is limited in some smart features, it is a highly trusted American brand and unsuprisingly lands itself as the best air purifier for radon.

Other Great Air Purifiers for Radon (Honorable Mentions)

#2 LEVOIT LV-PUR131 Smart True HEPA Air Purifier


  • Reliable Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter filters Radon effectively
  • Mobile App connectivity
  • Auto-mode/Air Quality Sensor
  • Replacement filter indicator
  • Low Noise level
  • Timer Function
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Energy-Star Certified
  • Short Filter Life
  • App connectivity issues
  • No child lock

LEVOIT’s LV-PUR131 Air purifier has a three-stage filtration system with one filter at each stage.

The arrangement of these filters is as follows:

Pre-Filter > True HEPA Filter > Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter

One of the prominent aspects is the Huge Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter in this unit which removes COVs and Radon gas efficiently.

LEVOIT filters are expected to last 5-8 months depending on usage. However, with excessive usage, the ‘Change Filter’ indicator may light up before that time - which we found to be great.

We’d suggest only buying LEVOIT replacement filters when the need arises to avoid harming the purifiers performance though.

Programmed with smart algorithms, you can actually check the remaining filter life from the VeSync App as well.

In Auto-mode, depending on the real-time air quality readings, a smart sensor automatically adjusts between three fan speed settings. Radon can be tough to detect, so this feature really comes in handy.

This unit isn’t noisy at all either. On night mode, the unit makes 27 dB of noise, and even at the highest fan speed, this purifier won’t cross 52dB.

With a CADR value of 230, this purifier can clean a 900 ft2 room in 1 hour. Similarly, in rooms of 500 ft2 and 360 ft2, it will purify the air in 33 and 24 minutes respectively – one of the quickest around for similar units

Having a 12 hour timer also means that you can set the unit to turn itself off after running for a specific duration.

For those who get this unit from Amazon or any other verified seller, one trick you may miss is that on top of the one year of warranty you get when you buy this air purifier you can get an additional year when you register it with LEVIOT, making it two years.

The LV-PUR131 is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. With the Vesync app, you can give a voice command to control your purifier unit via Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

Just a quick word about the Vesync app: it’s actually a decent app with more than ten smart features, including direct app control, scheduling purifier sessions, filter life, air quality display, LED on/off, Fan speed control, etc.

Some buyers have faced problems with app connectivity, but, were able to solve them by updating the app.

This unit is also Energy Star certified, which makes it to be the best energy-saving air purifier for home.

#3 Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifier

Okaysou | AirMax8L Air Purifier

  • 5 Stage Filtration Process
  • Replacement Filter Indicator
  • Silenceboost Technology
  • Timer Functionality
  • Night-mode
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • CARB, RoHS, CE Certified
  • ETL Listed
  • Child lock functionality
  • No Auto-mode/Air Quality Sensor
  • No Alexa Compatibility
  • Unavailability of Replacement Filters
  • Can’t handle smoke that effectively

A 3-Stage Ultra Filtration and 2-Stage Duo filtration makes the Okaysou AirMax8L the best competitor to the HathaSpace HSP001.

The arrangement of these filters are as follows:

Pre-Filter > HEPA Filter > Antibacterial Filter > Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter > Cold Catalyst Filter

Its Honeycomb Activated Carbon and Cold Catalyst Filter safely captures harmful gases like Radon and other VOCs.

Furthermore, the addition of the replacement filter indicator gives this unit an edge over other air purifiers on this list. Okaysou suggests replacing filters every six months, which may vary depending on the usage.

Its replacement filters aren’t available on Amazon sometimes, so buying an extra HEPA and Activated carbon filter would be a smart decision!

Based on its Advanced Silenceboost technology, the puifiers 45 vanes and large motor turbine design increases air inlet area, which ultimately reduces the noise. So, it won’t cause much disturbance.

Just like other units in the list, it purifies the air making minimal noise of 22 dB while operating at night-mode. Okaysou does not mention the upper limit of the noise level.

In 800 ft2 room, this unit can purify air 1.5 times per hour. Air changes per hour are 3 and 5 in 500 ft2 and 320 ft2, respectively.

One can customize and schedule the purifier’s operation for 1-8 hours according to purification needs that will save energy as well.

Okaysou Air Purifier provides five years of warranty with lifetime support. This is by far the best warranty offered by any purifier in the list of the best air purifier for Radon.

This unit is CARB certified, which makes it ozone-free. It has also got the certification of RoHS, CE, and is ETL Listed as well.

The child lock feature allows you to lock the purifier settings to protect it from your naughty children. This feature isn’t present in any other purifier unit on this shortlist.

One area where this unit lacks is the air quality sensor. With no auto-mode, you will have to control the fan according to your requirements manually.

Having no Alexa compatibility and no remote control, you will have to operate this unit manually.

One buyer has complained about this unit that it takes a lot of time to remove smoke from the room. So, if anyone of your family members regularly smokes inside, it may not handle that quite effectively.

#4 Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

Winix | 5500-2

  • 3 Stages of Filtration
  • Plasma-wave technology
  • Replacement Filter Indicator
  • Large Filters’ Life
  • Night-mode
  • Timer Function
  • One year warranty
  • CARB, AHAM, and Energy Star Certified
  • Auto-mode
  • Remote Control
  • No Alexa Compatibility
  • No Mobile App Connectivity
  • No Child lock feature
  • May produces Ozone

The filtration system consists of three filters which are arranged in the following manner:

Pre-filter > Activated Carbon Filter > True HEPA Filter

However, with new Plasma-wave technology, it entirely breaks down chemical vapors and gases without producing ozone. This feature isn’t there in any other purifier unit on this list.

Unlike HathaSpace's Air Purifier, there is a replacement filter indicator LED that illuminates when it is expired or needs to be changed.

These filters will last for 8-12 months, and replacement filters aren’t much expensive.

This unit is equipped with a smart air quality sensor that on auto-mode monitors air quality to change the fan speed for optimal purification.

However, unlike the first three units in the list, its fan can operate at four-speed settings (Low, Medium, High, Turbo).

Noise level at different fan speeds can vary from 27.8 dB to 52 dB. Turbo mode can be a bit noisy, though!

This unit can purify the air five times per hour in a room of 360 ft2. You can use this device in a large area, but air changes per hour will be compensated.

You can set the operation timer for 1-8 hours according to your requirements. Doing so will save you from paying extra bucks in electricity bills!

Winix provides one year of warranty for its purifiers. This is the least warranty offered by any company in this list of the best air purifier for Radon.

This unit is also backed with certifications like CARB, AHAM, and Energy Star. This means Winix Air Purifier is ozone-free, is thoroughly tested for smoke/gas control, and is energy-efficient device.

Although it is not compatible with Alexa or Google Home Assistant, it comes with a remote control to adjust the settings while sitting on your couch. Just don’t lose the remote!

Due to Plasma-wave technology, this device might produce ozone, so if you are suffering from any lung disease, this may not be a good buy.

#5 Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier

Coway | Airmega 400

  • Three Stage Filtration
  • Replacement Filter Indicator
  • Auto-mode
  • Not Noisy
  • Suitable for long rooms
  • Good Warranty
  • Night-mode
  • Timer Function
  • Not Compatible with Alexa
  • No App-Connectivity
  • No Remote Control
  • No Child lock feature
  • Expensive

This unit also has three staged filtration systems, just like Winix and LEVOIT models. These filters are placed as follow:

Pre-Filter > Max2 Filter (Activated Carbon Filter +True HEPA Filter)

Here, Activated Carbon filter and HEPA filter are combined and named as ‘Max2 Filter’ with one pre-filter before them.

It’s the Max2 filter that controls the organic compounds, chemical fumes, and gases like Radon.

The replacement Filter indicator will tell you when to replace the Max2 filter. However, you should clean pre-filter every two weeks to the pro-long health of the Max2 filter.

Coway suggests its filters to last 8-12 months, however, the replacement filters come at a pretty hefty price. Keep this cost in mind while buying this unit.

On auto-mode, this unit will automatically control the fan speed according to the data feed of the air quality sensor.

However, unlike any other unit in this list, there are five operating fan speed settings in this unit.

This unit isn’t noisy at all. Even at max fan speed, it operates with a noise of 43.2 dB.

Coway Air Purifier is specially designed for large rooms. In an area of 1560 ft2, it can clean air twice in an hour. Similarly, air changes per hour are 4 in 780 ft2 room.

However, where other purifiers suck air from one side and release from the other, the air intake in this purifier is from two sides, and it is released from the top.

You can set the timer for 1-8 hours, which helps in saving the energy.

Coway covers any internal fault for one year and gives five years warranty for motor and electronics parts.

This unit is Energy Star certified, which is a stamp that it consumes minimal power.

It is neither compatible with Alexa nor with Google Home Assistant. It can’t be controlled via remote as well.

With nearly the same features in air purifiers much cheaper, this product can be a bit costly in comparison with other air purifiers for Radon in this shortlist.

Considerations when Buying the Best Air Purifier for Radon

Filtration System

The filtration system consists of layers of filters, with each serving a different purpose, and it is the part of the air purifier where the whole air purification process is done.

Purifiers suck the polluted air and pass it through these filters, and each step, harmful pollutants get filtered out. Consequentially, we get germ-free air to inhale.

HEPA filters, pre-filters, and activated carbon filters are the most common type of filters used in air purifiers.

Additionally, few units are equipped with ionizers, UV Lights, and ozone generators that enhance the air purification process.

Among these filters, the HEPA filter is considered as the best air filter. This is because it can absorb allergens down to 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency.

The functioning of each of these filters are explained below:

  • Pre-filters comes first in the layer of filters, and it captures large harmful particles, including pet hair, fibers, and dander. This is done so to decrease the filtration load on the main HEPA filter.
  • Activated Carbon filters plays a significant role in dealing with odors and gases. It is the main filter where Radon is filtered out. 
  • With a positively charged plate in an ionizer, it captures the dust particle by charging them with negative ions. However, it is not present in most air purifiers.
  • For advanced bacteria and virus removal, purifiers are equipped with Ultra-violet lights.
  • Ozone generators are quite useful in mold removal but are not recommended for people suffering from lung diseases.

If you are interested in learning more about the functionality of each filter, you should refer to this article.

Version of the Air Purifier

Features like automatic fan speed control, timer, remote control, and app-connectivity are not available in classic air purifiers.

Their sole purpose is to clean the air, and one has to control nearly all features manually.

On another side, “smart” air purifiers are equipped with all sensors and digital controls, and all the features mentioned above are available in these units.

This not only makes these units more reliable but makes our lives easy as well. 

ACH and CADR Ratings

Before selecting any purifier unit, make sure it has excellent ACH and CADR ratings. The performance of any purifier is mainly dependent on these ratings.

These terms are quite easy to understand for a non-technical person as well.

Air Changes per Hour is abbreviated as ‘ACH.’ As the name suggests, this rating shows the number of times any purifier unit can purify polluted air in a room.

You may see something like 2x, 4x, 6x, or any multiple of x in the product manual. This value represents the ACH rating.

Here, the constant number with ‘x’ represents the number of times air can be exchanged. ‘2x’ means the purifier unit can purify the air two times in one hour.

Higher the number, the higher will be the efficiency of the air purifier unit.

The clean air delivery rate is based on the removal of three different types of pollutants, which are Dust, Smoke, and Pollen.

It is abbreviated as CADR and represented as Dust/Smoke/Pollen. The effectiveness of any purifier unit is determined by its clean air delivery rate (CADR).

The order of pollutants may vary with different manufacturers, so you must take great care while comparing this rating for two or more purifiers.

This rating contains a constant number for each of pollutant and higher the number; higher will be efficiency

As an example, if any purifier unit has a CADR rating of 179/219/170 and the order of pollutants is the same as mentioned above, then 179 refers to dust, 219 to smoke, and 170 to pollen.

Filter Replacement Indicators

As mentioned earlier, all filters need to be replaced after their expiry date. But, sometimes, these filters become contaminated way before the exact date.

The filter replacement indicator has a role in giving us an early heads up in this scenario!

Usually, there is an LED that starts glowing whenever the filter needs replacement. So, it would help if you kept an eye on it, especially when the expiry date is near.

Other Factors

  • Programmable Timer: People often forget to turn these units on/off throughout the day. Having a programmable timer can solve this problem.
  • Multiple Fan Speeds: Having a unit with multiple fan speeds or even a sensor that automatically adjusts its speed offers greater customizability.
  • Noise Level: Running the fan on high speed can cause significant noise. Check the maximum noise level that the unit produces before buying it.
  • Frequency of Filter Replacement: Filters in the unit needs replacement after every 4-6 months which add to the cost.
  • Child Lock: This feature prevents your children from changing the setting of air purifier during its operation. Of course, you can’t keep an eye on your children all the time.

Bottom Line - Best Air Purifier for Radon

Best Air Purifier for Radon

Here is the list containing the best air purifier for Radon. We have done an in-depth analysis of each purifier and provided the ins and outs of the best five products.

With a detailed explanation of factors you should consider before buying the air purifier, all your confusion about the product selection process would have been cleared.

Now, you are in a better position to choose any product that best matches your budget and requirements.

If you take our opinion, we would suggest you go with HathaSpace's HSP001 Air Purifier. With five stages of air filtration, air quality sensor, Wifi Accessibility, CARB Certification, extensive area coverage, auto-mode, noise level of less than 20 dB and 82% 5* buyer’s ratings make this unit stand at the top.

However, if you want a better remote control with Alexa and Google Home Assistant compatibility along with a mobile app, you can also buy LEVOIT's LV-PUR131S Smart Air Purifier.

Still, its filtration power might not be as good as that of HathaSpace's HSP001.

Still, the choice is yours to make!

Buy any product that you like, but just a reminder, you should make sure the selected product has activated carbon filter that deals with harmful gases like Radon and other VOCs.

This little investment can save you and your loved ones from long-lasting lungs related health problems.