Best Humidifier for Dogs Cough – A COMPLETE Guide

Best Humidifier for Dogs Cough – A COMPLETE Guide

Best Humidifier for Dogs with Cough

A humidifier can be considered a good purchase for the health of your family, but does that include your dog as well?

The answer is a clear yes.

These devices are not only great to help people breathe better, but they can also potentially ease your puppy’s cough symptoms and help it get back to health.

In this buying guide, we’ll look at the best humidifier for dogs cough you can buy on Amazon, and, hopefully, you’ll be able to find the perfect device for your dog.


At a Glance: Our Top Picks of Humidifiers for Dogs with Cough

Will a Humidifier Help a Dog with Kennel Cough?

Will a Humidifier Help a Dog with Kennel Cough?

This might come as a surprise, but dogs can suffer from allergies, dry skin, coughs, and several different afflictions as well.

If you notice something’s wrong with your puppy, talking to a vet is probably the best idea, however, a humidifier can surely help a dog get better.

Best Humidifiers for Dogs Cough

  • Coverage: Up to 800 ft²
  • Filter-free, energy efficient operation produces no ions, ozone, or white dust
  • Overall BEST for Dogs Cough
  • Coverage: Up to 1000 ft² 
  • Built-in humidity sensor allowing precise control
  • Ideal for dogs living in medium to large rooms
  • Coverage: Up to 440 ft²
  • Run-time: Up to 100 hrs
  • Perfect for small to medium sized rooms
  • Coverage: Up to 700 ft²
  • Near-silent operation
  • Suitable for those sensitive to noise
  • Coverage: Up to 440 ft²
  • Both warm & cool mist available; benefits from both types in one unit
  • Our choice for alleviating dogs cough

Here are a few benefits good humidifier can give to your dog:

  • Opens air passages: When a dog suffers from a cough or allergies, a humidifier can make it easier for them to breathe by opening their nasal passages. The moisture produced by the device is going to allow your dog’s nasal passages to open up more easily.
  • Soothes skin: When a dog is showing signs of dry skin, the water vapor produced by the humidifier can provide relief in just a few days.
  • Allergy relief: Most symptoms of allergies in dogs can be relieved if there’s enough moisture in the air. A humidifier can make sure the humidity level in your house stays constant throughout the day.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Humidifier for Dogs Cough

What to Consider When Buying the Best Humidifier for Dogs Cough

In order to find the best humidifier possible to help with your dog’s cough, there are a few factors you might want to consider before you make up your mind.

Here are the main elements a humidifier should have to provide your dog all the comfort it needs to get back in shape:

  • Adjustable mist levels: Basing on the weather conditions of the area you live in, a humidifier should be able to offer different mist levels in different situations. If your dog is suffering from Kennel cough, then warm mist is necessary to open up its nasal passages and help it breathe. Before you purchase a humidifier, make sure it’ll offer this key feature.
  • Autonomy: If a device can run for a long time without needing a refill, then that’s a plus. More specifically, if you need to leave your dog alone for most of the day, you want to make sure the humidifier won’t run out of water while you’re out.
  • Mist output: Based on how dry the area you live in is, and how big the room you’ll put the humidifier is, you might want to make sure the humidifier you plan on purchasing can produce enough mist to keep the humidity level you require for long spans of time.
  • Silent mode: Dogs have a very sensitive hearing, therefore, the sound of a humidifier running day and night might begin to bother them and their rest as well as yours. If a humidifier it’s equipped with a silent or sleep mode, then the noise output is going to be greatly reduced.

Other factors:

  • Refilling and cleaning mechanism: Refilling and cleaning a humidifier should be lengthy or difficult tasks. Oftentimes, a humidifier you can refill from the top is easier to clean and refill when compared to one that needs to be disassembled in order to add water to the tank.
  • Maintenance: Before picking a humidifier, you’ll want to check how much it costs to replace the filters. If a unit is filter-free, then the maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
  • Water types: In order to avoid spreading white dust in the room, some humidifiers work better if you use distilled water. Needless to say, this makes it a little harder to refill since you’ll have to buy this type of water instead of simply using regular tap water.

There are plenty of valid humidifiers available and, to make the choosing process easier for you, we’ve analysed the products and chosen the best humidifier for dogs cough.

We’ve based our reviews on factors, such as autonomy, main features, mist levels, and refilling mechanisms, and we hope this can help you pick out the device that suits your situation the most.


#1 Venta Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier (LW15)

Venta | LW15

  • Adjustable mist levels
  • Filter-free
  • Auto shut-off
  • Silent mode
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Water level indicator
  • Expensive

At the top of our list we find the Venta humidifier, a device that can both humidify and purify the air in rooms that measure up to 200 sq. ft.

With a 1.4 gallon tank, the unit can run for around 48 hours in normal weather conditions without needing a refill and, thanks to a top filling refill mechanism, adding water to the tank won’t be a lengthy process.

Moreover, the device is equipped with a water level indicator that lets you know how much water is still inside the reservoir with just a glance at the unit.

Other than helping dogs with coughs through the released moisture, this humidifier also removes dust, pollen, and other allergens form the air, and doesn’t produce any white dust or ozone.

The Venta LW15 also sports an auto shut-off feature, which allows it to automatically turn off when it’s out of water, and a silent mode that greatly reduces all noises coming from the device.

Last but not least, this unit is filter-free, meaning you won’t need to worry about replacing the filters after a set amount of time.

On the downside, this product is a bit expensive, but customers are mostly satisfied with the results they’re getting.

Other Great Humidifiers for Dogs with Cough (Honorable Mentions)

#2 Vornado Evaporative Humidifier (Evap40)

Vornado | Evap40

  • Great autonomy
  • Easy to clean
  • Humidity sensor
  • 3 speed levels
  • Fit for large rooms
  • You need to remove the tanks to refill them
  • Has two filters that might need maintenance

When you are looking for a humidifier equipped with two huge tanks and adjustable speed levels, then the Vornado Evap40 humidifier might just be the right device for you.

The water reservoir can contain up to 4 gallons of water, allowing the unit to run for an impressive 24 hours straight when set on high.

Moreover, this humidifier can provide a constant humidity level to room as large as 1,000 sq. ft.

Thanks to simple controls, you’ll be able to easily select the humidity level you need, as well as the fan speed you desire between 3 different speed options.

Furthermore, the unit is equipped with an intelligent humidity sensor that senses how much humidity the room needs at any moment and automatically adjust the mist output to fit your needs.

Although you need to remove the tanks in order to refill them, which is not the most comfortable mechanism, this makes it easy to clean them whenever you need to.

Ultimately, the product has two filters, therefore you’ll need to keep an eye on them in order to see when it’s time to replace one or both of them.

#3 Pure Guardian Ultrasonic Humidifier (H3200BAR)

Pure Guardian | H3200BAR

  • Water level indicator
  • 3 mist levels
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Filter-free
  • Great autonomy
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Not the most powerful humidifier

The Guardian humidifier takes a spot on our list because of its impressive 1.5 gallon tank and 100 hours of autonomy it can provide when set on low.

Although the mist output isn’t as powerful as the one other humidifiers on this guide, the Guardian unit can provide great results for medium sized rooms and, thanks to a silver clean protection, mold isn’t likely to develop inside the tank of the device.

This humidifier will let you choose between 3 levels of mist, and, thanks to a water level indicator, you’ll easily know when it’s about to run out of water.

Moreover, you’ll be able to set a timer to control how much humidity there will be in your dog’s room whenever you’re not at home.

In terms of maintenance, this product is going to be easy to clean, and the fact that it’s filter-free will save you some money in the future.

Last but not least, the auto shut-off feature allows the device to automatically turn off whenever there’s no more water inside the tank, effectively preventing any damage to the unit.

#4 PowerPure 5000 Ultrasonic Humidifier

PurePower | 5000 Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • Good capacity
  • Timer
  • Auto shut-off
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable mist level
  • Permanent filter
  • Hard to refill
  • Expensive

Besides having features that are similar to the other products on the list, such as the auto shut-off option and a 12-hour timer, this humidifier also offers a large tank that allows it to emit up to 3 gallons of moisture per day.

More than enough for a dog’s cough.

The LCD display and the touch controls allow you to set the humidity level you need in rooms as large as 700 sq. ft, and a remote control lets you adjust the settings from afar.

The unit doesn’t have a silent mode, however, customers are saying that it’s very quiet and it doesn’t disturb their sleep.

Moreover, the unit emits a beep whenever it’s out of water so that you can know when it’s time to refill the tank.

In terms of maintenance, this unit won’t require you to spend money on additional filters since it features a permanent one made of ceramic that won’t need to be replaced.

As for the refilling mechanism, we can’t say that it’s simple; you need to unscrew and remove the tank in order to add water, and, needless to say, this makes the process quite lengthy.

#5 LEVOIT Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air Humidifier (LV600HH)


  • Good autonomy
  • Built-in sensor
  • 12-hours timer
  • Auto shut-off
  • Remote control
  • Night mode
  • Using distilled water is better
  • Difficult to refill

The Levoit LV600HH is the cheapest on our buying guide but it still offers nice features to help your dog breathe better.

For starters, the unit has a 1.58 gallon tank that is able produce mist for a 36 hours when it’s set on low.

The built-in sensor also detects and automatically adjusts the room’s humidity level to suit your dog’s needs.

In addition, you can remotely change the settings or turn on the night mode through a remote control.

This one sports a 12-hours timer and an auto shut-off feature as well, however, the refilling method isn’t as easy since unscrewing and removing the tank is necessary in order to add water.

On the good side, cleaning it isn’t hard, even if the filters do need to be replaced every couple of months.

Keep in mind that this period could be longer or shorter basing on the weather conditions of the area you live in.

As a last note, it’s recommended to use distilled water to fill the device in order to avoid finding white dust on your furniture.

Bottom Line - Best Humidifier for Dogs Cough

Best Humidifier for Dogs Cough

After analyzing the main characteristics that make up the best humidifier for dogs cough, the Venta LW15 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier came out as the best product on our list.

This is because the humidifier doesn’t only offer adjustable mist levels and a good autonomy, but also because it’s filter-free, easy to refill, silent, and it purifies the air in addition to providing warm or cool mist to the room.

To top it off, low maintenance costs, a powerful mist output, and the ability to run for a long time without needing refills are all features that can potentially improve your dog’s breathing conditions as well as your own.

 As you can see, this product includes the main factors you should be looking for when you want to purchase a humidifier for a dog suffering from cough.

Remember to always check these characteristics in order to choose the best humidifier not only for your dog, but also for your family and your home as well.