Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip – A COMPLETE Guide

Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip – A COMPLETE Guide

Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip

Mucus is a substance produced by a specific kind of glans we can find in a person’s air passages.

Generally, adults produce about a quart of mucus per day, but if an individual suffers from postnasal drip the glans are triggered to produce a lot more mucus than necessary.

A humidifier can efficiently help you deal with this condition therefore. We’ve reviewed and selected the best humidifier for post nasal drip you can currently find on the market.


At a Glance: Our Top Picks of Humidifiers for Post Nasal Drip

How can a humidifier help post nasal drip?

The main purposes of mucus is to filter out alien particles that enter a person’s air passages while at the same time providing moisture to the nasal membranes.

Postnasal drip is usually caused by cold weather, allergens, or dry air. For this reason, a good humidifier can potentially provide much needed comfort by adding moisture to the air to fight the dryness that can lead to throat soreness and irritation.

This can be especially troubling if your loved ones are affected.

Ultimately, the best humidifier for postnasal drip is supposed to moisturize your surroundings so that the extra mucus present in your nose and throat can become significantly thinner.

Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip

  • Large capacity with long run-time
  • Real-time monitoring of indoor humidity to create a comfortable and moist environment
  • Overall BEST for Post Nasal Drip
  • Coverage: Up to 500 ft²
  • Triple purification for protection against fungus, bacteria, and viruses
  • Amazon's choice
  • Coverage: Up to 755 ft²
  • Ergonomic design for safety & easy maintenance
  • Our pick for post nasal drip
  • Run-time: Up to 30 hrs
  • Both warm & cool mist available; benefits from both types in one unit
  • Budget option
  • Coverage: Up to 600 ft²
  • Fan assisted humidification for consistent, and gentle air-flow
  • Easy maintenance option

As we mentioned earlier, when you suffer from postnasal drip, having a humidifier can be the solution you were looking for to ease the symptoms.

However, it can be hard to choose a good unit when the market offers countless options.

For this reason, we’ve based on factors such as main features, price for value and customers’ reviews to prepare a review of the best 5 humidifiers for post nasal drip.


#1 Proscenic 808C Humidifier

Proscenic | 808C

  • 36 hours of autonomy
  • 7 speed levels
  • Constant humidity mode
  • Baby mode
  • Cool & Warm mist
  • Timer
  • Scheduled humidification through Alexa, Google Assistant or the App
  • Using distilled water is advised
  • Refilling could be easier

At the top of our list we can find the Proscenic 808C humidifier. With a 5.3L water tank capacity, you can expect a maximum working time of 36 hours without needing a refill.

Taking a look at the unit’s specifics, we can find 7 different speed modes to choose from.

This includes a constant humidity mode that automatically maintains the humidity level you desire, and a baby mode specifically designed to help babies with postnasal drip.

Moreover, the device can produce both warm and cool mist depending on your needs and the climate in your area.

Furthermore, a feature that sets this humidifier apart from other products on this list is the opportunity to set the timer, speed, and mode you want the unit to work on through a phone app, Alexa, or a Google Assistant.

As a downside, the manufacturer recommends using distilled water to fill the humidifier.

If regular tap water is used, no damage comes to the unit, but you’ll most likely find a layer of white dust lying on your furniture.

In addition, we need to say that since the tank fills from the bottom, adding water isn’t as fast as it could be since the refilling process requires the removal of the tank.

Other Great Humidifiers for Post Nasal Drip (Honorable Mentions)

#2 HuPro Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier (PRO-777)

HuPro | PRO-777

  • 30 hours of run-time
  • 5 speed modes
  • Auto mode
  • Auto shut-off mode
  • Timer
  • Night mode
  • Suited for large rooms
  • Requires distilled water

The HuPro humidifier includes most of the characteristics that a good unit should have to help with your postnasal drip.

First of all, thanks to a top-filling 4L tank, the device is easy to refill while also having an autonomy that allows it to last for up to 30 hours straight on the slow speed mode.

Moreover, this unit is powerful enough to effectively humidify rooms as large as 500 sq. ft..

Moving on to the speed modes, we can count 5 different mist output levels that you can choose from - low to high.

In addition, the auto mode makes it easy for you to automatically reach and maintain the humidity level you want in the room.

In terms of mist types, the HuPro humidifier can produce both cool and warm mist. This makes it great throughout the year. You can set the mist type depending on the time of the year and the specific dryness of the area where you live. 

Just remember that, if you have kids wandering around the room, cool mist is a safer option since the unit won’t produce hot mist that might burn if touched near the source.

As a last note, you will need to fill the tank with distilled water to avoid the formation of white dust on your furniture.

However, this unit features some nice additional modes such as the auto-shut off mode that automatically turns the device off when the tank is empty, a night mode to reduce noise production when you sleep, and a 12 hour timer to help you save energy and water while you don’t need to humidifier working. 

#3 Elechomes SH8820 Humidifier

Elechomes | SH8820

  • 40 hours of autonomy
  • 3 mist levels
  • Easy to refill
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Timer
  • Baby lock button
  • Remote control
  • Sleep mode
  • Might need frequent filter changes

The Elechomes SH8820 humidifier is equipped with a 5.5L tank that is easily filled from the top, and the run time of the device, when set on low, can reach 40 hours.

Thanks to its power, as well as two 360-degree rotating nozzles, this unit can humidify rooms as large as 755 sq. ft., while keeping the humidity between an ideal level of 40%-60% at all times.

Other than being able to produce both warm and cool mist, the unit lets you choose between three levels of mist, with a maximum output of 600 ml/h.

Moreover, the settings can be controlled remotely thanks to a remote control. Even though the device is mostly silent by default, you have the option of turning on a sleep mode to further reduce the unit’s noise output.

Additionally, you can set a timer in case you want the humidifier to work for a specific amount of time. If the water runs out while you’re not home, the auto shut-off feature will kick in to prevent any damages to the unit’s components.

Furthermore, this model is perfect if you have kids in the house as it sports a child lock option that will prevent your little ones from accidentally changing the humidifier’s settings.

As a downside, you may need to change the filters frequently, especially if you run it on unfiltered water.

#4 Homedics Ultrasonic Humidifier (UHE-WM85)

Homedics | UHE-WM85

  • 65 hours of autonomy
  • Adjustable mist level
  • Humidistat
  • Warm and cool mist option
  • Timer
  • Clear Tank Technology
  • Easy to refill
  • The unit is quite noisy and it doesn’t include a night mode

With a spacious 1.5-gallon tank, this Homedics humidifier guarantees a continuous run time of 65 hours when set on low, and the option of producing either cool or warm mist.

To refill the water reservoir, you can use the built-in handle to lift the tank and, in terms of cleaning, the Clear Tank Technology prevents the formation of mold and mildew inside of it.

Thanks to simple control settings, you’ll be able to select a humidity level to maintain inside the room, and the humidifier will then do the work to keep that percentage stable.

The built-in humidistat will let you keep an eye on the humidity level. Furthermore, if you want the unit to work for specific amounts of time, you can simply set up a 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours timer.

Although the device isn’t especially silent and it also doesn’t feature a sleep mode, there’s the option of turning on and off a nightlight to reduce the light coming from the unit.

Moreover, the humidifier automatically powers down when the water level is too low. 

#5 Vornado UH100 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Vornado | UH100

  • 24 hours autonomy
  • Fit for large rooms
  • 3 output modes
  • Humidistat
  • See-through tank
  • Fan-assisted humidification
  • The noise output is a bit high

The UH100 humidifier by Vornado is the most expensive item on our list, however, it includes some characteristics that make it quite competitive on the market.

First of all, it has a 1 gallon water tank that can provide humidification to rooms as large as 600 sq. ft., for up to 24 hours straight without needing a refill.

Secondly, the tank is see-through, meaning you’ll be able to tell whenever it’s time to add water by simply glancing at the humidifier.

However, refilling the unit, even if it’s not hard, requires some disassembly since the tank needs to be removed from the device.

In terms of settings, the UH100 humidifier features 3 modes, low, high, and auto. More specifically, the auto mode lets you set a specific level of humidity, with the device automatically maintaining it.

Moreover, this unit is equipped with a humidistat that lets it gauge the humidity level in the room for you.

Thanks to its fan-assisted humidification, this Vornado humidifier spreads mist evenly in the whole room without pooling water on the floor, however, we need to say that the unit makes quite some noise and it doesn’t include a sleep mode. 

Key Things to Consider in the Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip

what to consider best humidifier for post nasal drip

Looking online, you can find hundreds of humidifiers that might fit the bill and be able to relieve postnasal drip symptoms.

In order to make choosing the best one easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of the key factors you might want to consider before settling on a specific humidifier.

Therefore, before making your decision, make sure the unit you’re looking at includes if not all, at least some of the following features:

  • Adjustable settings: Giving you the chance to choose your ideal mist output, or your preferred fan speed, is a key characteristic any good humidifier should have. This will allow you to have the mist level you desire and efficiently get rid of postnasal drip symptoms.
  • Tank capacity: The best humidifier for postnasal drip should have a good tank capacity. Although the capacity of the tank doesn’t directly affect your mucus production, the tank needs to be big enough as to not need constant refills and work for longer spans of time without needing your attention.
  • Auto mode: A humidifier’s auto mode allows you to set a specific humidity level. The unit will then automatically make all the adjustments required to maintain the humidity percentage in the room. This feature is useful especially during the night as the device will maintain a stable humidity level even when you’re not paying it any attention.
  • Night mode: Postnasal drip can be particularly bothersome while you’re trying to sleep. Although a humidifier can help ease the symptoms, the unit might also produce quite some noise. For this reason, a sleep mode is especially useful to make the humidifier a lot quieter than it normally would be.

Other factors:

  • Refilling method: Humidifiers need water refills every one or two days. If a humidifier has a smart and user-friendly refilling mechanism, your life can be made much easier when it’s time to add water to the tank.
  • Auto Shut-off & Timer: While the auto shut-off feature allows the humidifier to turn itself off when it runs out of water, the timer option will let you choose when the unit works and when it doesn’t, allowing you to save energy and water.
  • Filters: Should you want your humidifier to filter out allergens and harmful particles, always make sure to check how much the replacement filters will cost as well. Usually, this kind of units require a filter change once every two to three months and, in the long run, maintenance might cost you a lot of money if the filters are expensive. Alternatively, you can always try out a filter-free device. 

Bottom Line - What is the Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip?

What is the Best Humidifier for Post Nasal Drip?

Now that we’ve seen how a humidifier can help with postnasal drip symptoms and how different units can have different features and characteristics, let’s move on to stating which of the devices on our list is the most suited to deal with this condition.

After a careful analysis of its pros and cons, we can safely say the Proscenic 808C humidifier is the absolute best humidifier for postnasal drip.

We came to this conclusion because this model offers a great 36 hours of autonomy, and 7 different speed levels you can choose from.

Moreover, the unit is also able to automatically change its settings to keep your desired humidity percentage, or you can remotely adjust the settings through your phone or using Alexa.

In any case, when you’re choosing a humidifier for postnasal drip, try to make sure it includes the option of choosing between different mist levels. This is because you’ll most likely need to adjust the settings to fit the weather conditions of the area you live in.