Dyson AM11 vs TP02 – A COMPLETE Comparison

Dyson AM11 vs TP02 – A COMPLETE Comparison


Dyson’s air purifiers are one of the most highly competitive in the market.

One can easily rely on Dyson's products! Saying this, a question might echo in your mind; why Dyson?

Well, Dyson has a proven track record and has been functioning for the past three decades now.

It is highly reputable among its customers and has internationally accepted certifications for its products.

Previously we have directly compared other purifiers in Dyson's TP range, which you can find here.

Here in this article, we will be diving deep for a comprehensive comparison of Dyson's Pure Cool™ and Pure Cool Link™ air purifiers: Dyson AM11 vs TP02.

Let's jump straight into it.


Dyson AM11 vs TP02


Dyson TP02's Design

AM11 and TP02

Both AM11 and TP02 devices have the same design with nearly equal dimensions.

Just like any other Dyson air purifier, they have an oval amp and 3600 air intake, but with some minor differences.

TP02 has a height of 40 inches, making it the tallest purifier in whole Dyson's family of air purifiers and a width of 8 inches.

Dyson AM11 also has nearly the same dimensions as the TP02 model with height and width of 40.8 and 7.72 inches, respectively.

Just like Dyson's other purifiers, both units have 3600 air-intake through the bottom grills, which draws in more air at one time. 

The sucked air is then passed through the layer of filters where germs and other unwanted substances are removed.

In the end, this purified air is recirculated back into the room from the perforated holes located at the front section of the upper part of the air purifier.

Conclusion: Having an oval amp means both units take up less space and are not spacious in comparison with round amp air purifiers.

Its 3600 air intake gives Dyson units an edge over other single intake air units, by making the purification process quicker. 


Dyson TP02 and AM11 Filters

AM11 and TP02

With the same filtration power, both units are equipped with two pre-installed filters; True HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter.

  • True HEPA filter removes small airborne particles, including pollen, bacteria, and pet dander, as low as the size of 0.3 microns in diameter.
  • Activated Carbon Filter serves to remove the odors, smoke, and gases from the air.

Conclusion: Both devices share the same number and type of filters, and are equally effective in the filtering process. In this case, other factors are decisive in selecting any unit.

LCD Display



Just like other Dyson purifiers, there is an in-built LCD in both units. For the TP02, it displays various parameters like airspeed control, auto-mode, timer settings, sleep mode, and WIFI Strength.

It is located at the bottom of the air purifier.

Using the remote control, you can change or turn on the above-mentioned parameters/functions in real-time by looking at this LCD.


As for the AM11, its display shows real-time fan speed level and timer settings as well.

However, as there is no WIFI, auto feature, and night-mode, you can't get many advantages with LCD.

Conclusion: Both purifiers have an LCD to display the above-mentioned features that you remotely control using a remote control or Dyson Link App.

With the TP02 however, you will have more features to play with, which are not present in the AM11.


Weight differences between Dyson TP02 and AM11


Despite being tall in size, TP02 only weighs 8.4 lbs. But, it is so light that even your children can easily tip this unit over with their hands. So, do take care of them!


AM11 is even lighter than the TP02 unit, with an overall weight of 7.9 lbs.

Conclusion: Both units, having low weight, are portable and easy to move, but if you have naughty kids at your home, you will have to keep an eye on them continuously.

There will be no need to install casters under these purifier units as one can easily pick and place them single-handedly.

Room Coverage

Room Coverage


Dyson’s TP02 air purifier will work fine in a 500 sq. ft. room.

There is no precise data about the exact room coverage for this unit, but sources suggest that it can cover up to an area of 200 sq. ft effectively.

Conclusion: Room coverage is one of the limiting factors which should be taken into consideration before buying any product.

Looking at the room coverage provided by both units, selecting TP02 will be a wiser decision as one can use it in a larger room in as compared to the Dyson AM11 air purifier, which covers half the space of TP02.

Air Flow

Air Flow


At 114 gallons per second, Dyson TP02 has higher airflow than most air purifiers in the Dyson family of air purifiers. It is nearly equal to 900 cfm.

No data about ACH and CADR ratings are provided by the Dyson for its products.


There is no information about the exact airflow of the Dyson AM11. Many retailers have mentioned that it is not provided by the manufacturer.

Conclusion: Airflow is one of the significant factors that contribute to improving the performance of any air purifier.

Faster the airflow into the air purifier means a lesser time taken to purify the room and vice versa.

As TP02 has higher airflow than most of the Dyson Air Purifiers, it beats the AM11 in this department as well. 




As Dyson TP02 uses the same fan as Dyson's HP02 and HP04, the noise produced by this unit is unsurprisingly similar at 40 dB to 62 dB. The value is low at lower fan speeds and vice versa.

However, you can put this unit to work at Sleep mode at which it operates by making minimal noise.

On the other hand, the AM11 makes between 37 dB to 58 dB of noise at fan speed 1 to 10. As there is no night sleep mode, you will have to adjust the fan yourself at your desired level.

Conclusion: The noise produced by both units at maximum fan speed is not too irritating, so this should not be a major concern.

But, night mode is only present in only the TP02 unit, which gives this unit a comparative advantage over the AM11 unit!

Power Consumption

Dyson TP02 vs AM11 Power Consumption


Dyson TP02 consumes 56 watts of power at maximum fan speed, which is a bit higher than the AM11 unit.

Power consumption of Dyson AM11 is at 51 watts while operating at maximum fan speed setting. However, it will be less at lower fan speeds for both units. 

Conclusion: With nearly the same power requirements, both units consume the same reasonable amount of power, and both are great in this department.


Regardless, to save on electricity bills, our recommendation for using the air purifier units for a specified time during the day is still valid for both units.

The timer feature in TP02 will be handy in this regard.

An important point to consider here is that you won't get this advantage with the AM11 unit.

Purifier Oscillation


This feature works just like a pedestal fan, which oscillates to a certain degree on its rigid base to blow the air in more than one direction.

Based on air multiplier technology, Dyson's bladeless fan is designed to give more focused exposure of cool air to more than one person sitting in a single room at one time.

Dyson is the only brand that designs its product to incorporate this feature.


TP02 has an oscillation of 180 degrees, and it is limited to front blowing only.

Online sources indicate this device has 180-degree oscillation as well, just like TP02.

Conclusion: As TP02 has defined the oscillation range and is far better in many other features in comparison with AM11, in our books, the TP02 unit is better in this regard.

Smart Controls


Dyson has been continuously investing in the research and development to improve its products since 1991 when it started its operation.

With many upgrades over the past two decades, it has successfully shaped its purifier units and enhanced its capabilities.

The integration of smart sensors and WIFI/remote accessibility has made the overall control process more accessible and reliable.

Its advanced built-in sensors give this unit an edge over other brands.


Just like Dyson’s 'HP' series air purifiers, Dyson TP02 also has a built-in quality control sensor.

This sensor automatically adjusts the fan speed after sensing the amount of pollution in the air. It controls the purification rate according to the requirement.

It saves energy and makes the air purification process more efficient.

TP02 can be remotely controlled using Dyson Link App or remote control, which is magnetic, allowing you to put it at the top of the air purifier to avoid misplacing it.

This unit is Alexa compatible, as well.

To let the unit work automatically, there is an auto mode functionality. With a single touch, you can quickly put the unit at night mode at which it dims all display, and the unit operates at minimal noise so that it may not annoy you.

You can set the timer from 15 minutes to 10 hours with the TP02 unit. This gives you the flexibility to use the device for a certain number of hours.

Dyson Link app


In comparison to TP02, Dyson AM11 lack most of the smart features.

There is no auto-mode or air quality sensor in this unit, so you will have to adjust the fan speed manually every time according to your requirements.

Secondly, there is no night mode in this unit. You can put the fan to operate at slow speed and dim all lights manually, but you won't find a single touch night mode activation feature in this unit.

However, there are some features that both devices share equally, like its magnetic remote control and compatibility with the Dyson Link App.

Just like TP02, the timer can be set for 15 minutes to 10 hours.

Conclusion: Without any doubt, TP02 is a better unit with a fully equipped air quality sensor, which is not available in the AM11.

Having no auto-mode and night-mode means the AM11 loses out to TP02.

Moreover, Alexa compatibility makes remote controlling of TP02 easier, which you won't find in the AM11 air purifier unit.

By looking at these additional features, TP02 has an edge for this category!

Additional Operational Features

Additional Operational Features

This category analyses the additional features that you should look for in air purifiers, such as variations in fan speeds and air quality sensors.

Multiple fan speeds allow you to adjust the airflow as desired. If you want more quick air purification, you set it at high and vice versa.

Built-in smart sensors allow automatic adjustments in fan speed according to air quality.

In this case, both units can shift between 10 different fan speed settings.


Dyson TP02 has both of the above-mentioned features. With multiple fan speeds and in-built smart sensors; the unit is flexible to use.

On the other hand, the AM11 can operate at multiple fan speed settings, but it doesn't have any auto-mode functionality.

You can set the timer with this unit, but fan speed is manually controlled for.

Conclusion: AM11 lacks essential features like auto-mode and air quality sensors.

In comparison with TP02, this unit is less reliable. Night mode and automatic fan speed control make TP02 is a go-to air purifier.



AM11 and TP02

Both units come with two years of warranty that covers both labor and parts costs. Also, Dyson has a highly responsive customer support team which is quick in responding.

Conclusion: With more than three decades of operational history, Dyson is one of the trusted brands with quick response to warranty claims.

It has successfully expanded its operations worldwide and is now providing services outside the United States as well.

Having two years of warranty that covers the cost of both parts and labor, the verdict here is a win for Dyson. 




The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America certifies Dyson TP02 to be ideal for Asthma and Allergy sufferers.

It has also got a PTPA seal of approval – which is given to few purifier units after in-depth testing.


Dyson AM11 has got 'Quiet Mark' accreditation to work during night effectively. This makes this product suitable for night-long purification.

However, there does not seem to be any data about its certification by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America or PTPA.

Conclusion: Looking at overall certifications, TP02 is backed by two internationally recognized certification organizations.

On the other hand, AM11 has got 'quiet mark' accreditation. However, this doesn't make it better than TP02 when used for sleeping.

While it may sound less noisy than the Dyson TP02, having no air quality sensor to control fan speeds automatically and no night mode make Dyson AM11 a little more troublesome in this domain.

Customer Service


AM11 and TP02

Dyson is not like one of the few companies whose sole purpose is to sell products without providing excellent support during the warranty period.

Most companies will either not respond to your queries on time or will make excuses for delayed shipment of the replacement parts.

This is not the case with Dyson. You can contact their customer support at any time during the day and seven days a week.

You can discuss your queries with their customer support team, and they are prompt in the shipping of any replacement parts if needed.

Even, few buyers have praised their customer support that their team has answered their queries even after the warranty period is ended.

Now and then, Dyson offers special discounts on its replacement filters; you can contact customer support to discuss the offer to make a quick discounted purchase.

Dyson AM11 vs TP02: Which is the Best?

Dyson AM11 vs TP02: Which is the Best?

To this point, both the features and benefits of TP02 and AM11 should be more evident.

TP02 has the upper hand in not all, but most of the features including smart sensor, night-mode, auto-mode, Alexa compatibility, more room coverage, higher airflow, and WIFI-connectivity.

Most of the features mentioned above are either not available in the AM11 unit or not competitive to that of TP02.

Two areas where AM11 beats TP02 are in noise levels and power consumption, but these are not significant enough factors to consider it the best choice!

Although you can select any product from these two but choosing the Dyson TP02 Air Purifier would be the most logical decision.

You likely won't regret getting this product as you will get a top-notch product fully equipped with all modern-day sensors and features!

Regardless, choose any unit that best matches your requirements, and now you are in a better decision to decide on your own.

In the end, it is you who should be more concerned about your health and the health of your loved ones than anyone else!

Dyson TP02

Dyson AM11