Dyson HP02 vs HP04 – A COMPLETE Comparison

Dyson HP02 vs HP04 – A COMPLETE Comparison

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Dyson HP02 vs HP04

Dyson is one of the few brands that fulfill all the requirements of a trusted company: It has a proven track record, is highly reputed among its customers, and is backed with internationally accepted certifications

It produces many different types of air purifiers, which differ in features and prices as well.

Two of these air purifiers are the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ HP02 and HP04.

In one of our previous articles, we have compared Dyson's other air purifiers in terms of features, price, benefits, and reliability.

Here, we will once again take a deep dive to make comprehensive comparisons between: Dyson HP02 vs HP04.

Let's jump straight into it.


Dyson HP02 vs HP04


Dyson HP02 vs HP04

HP02 and HP04

Dyson's HP02 has a height of 25 inches and a width of 8.7 inches, while HP04 is a bit taller with a height of 30 inches and an overall width of 8 inches.

In terms of its shape, both HP02 and HP04 are oval in shape and have a 3600 air intake.

Air is sucked in from all sides at the grill located at the bottom of the purifier unit.

The air is passed through the filters for the removal of germs and unwanted substances.

After filtering, the purified air is recirculated back into the room from the front section at the top of the air purifier.

This bottom to top 3600 air intake improves the air quality uniformly in all corners of the room.

Conclusion: The design of both air purifiers are approximately the same, with a little difference in their dimensions.

In addition, by having an oval amp, these units consume less space in comparison to round shape purifiers.

The overall design and shape gives the HP02 and HP04 an edge over bulkier, single side air intake units.


Dyson HP02 HP04 Filters

HP02 and HP04

Both units have two pre-installed filters, just like other Dyson Air Purifier units.

This includes a True HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter. Both filters serve a unique function:

  • True HEPA filter captures small airborne particles including pollen, bacteria and pet dander up to the size of 0.3 microns.
  • Activated Carbon Filter removes other odors, smoke, and gases.

Although both units have the same number and type of filters, HP04 is equipped with an advanced version of the "Activated Carbon" filter that is filled with a tris-impregnated carbon, which can entirely absorb all odors, gases and other chemicals inside the home.

Conclusion: Without any doubt, an advance activated carbon filter is far better than the normal one that is installed in HP02. This addition makes the HP04 the better unit in this department.

If you have to deal with odors, smoke, and indoor gases quite often, the Dyson HP04 unit would be the better option.

LCD Display

dyson hp02 vs hp04


An in-built LCD displaying parameters like temperature, air quality, and WiFi strength can be found below the air intake grill.

You can change the settings any time as desired, which will be shown in real-time on the LCD. This feature helps in the better adjustment of the parameters according to your needs.


Like HP02, HP04 is also equipped with an LCD. However, in the recent HP04 version, it is now moved above the air intake grill.

Moreover, HP04 now shows the humidity level.

Conclusion: Both purifiers are equipped with an LCD displaying. However, after reading the buyer reviews, HP04 is better in terms of its display and control.

You should go with this feature if you want a clear crystal display of all parameters on a single display screen.

Moreover, HP04 shows one additional parameter of humidity level, which is not displayed by the LCD equipped in the HP02 version.



HP02 and HP04

Both HP02 and HP04 are integrated with WIFI accessibility, which gives these units an edge over other classical purifier units.

Conclusion: With Wifi Integration, users can remotely control both HP02 and HP04 air purifiers without any hustle.

You can adjust the settings according to your needs while sitting on your couch.


dyson hp02 vs hp04


Dyson HP02 Air Purifier unit has a packaging weight of approximately 10.53 lbs, so the unit itself will weigh nearly 8 lbs.


On the other hand, HP04 is bulkier than HP02 with a weight of 12.35 lbs.

Conclusion: While heavier, the slight difference in weight will not matter much - simply install casters under any purifier to move it around more comfortably.

Room Coverage

dyson hp02 vs hp04

HP02 and HP04

There is no precise data about the exact room coverage of both HP02 and HP04 air purifiers. Still, buyer's reviews show that one can use these units in rooms with a size of 20*20 – 20*30 sq. ft to great effect.

Conclusion: With the growing research and development, scientists are trying to maximize the performance of air purifiers.

Still, certain factors, like room coverage, limit their use. As both units are highly effective within a similar coverage area, you can select any one of them considering this factor.

Verdict: Draw

Purifier Oscillation



Dyson's HP02 has an oscillation of 70 degrees and it is limited to front blowing only.


Dyson's HP04 allows oscillation of up to 350 degrees, and unlike the HP02 unit, it provides front and up blowing as well, which is useful if you want to do air purification only without using the fan.

Conclusion: With wider degrees of oscillation and more flexibility in blowing directions, one can easily say that HP04 is better than HP02 in this department.

Air Flow

Air Flow


Dyson's HP02 has a maximum airflow of 53 gallons per second, which is nearly equal to 425 cfm. In both of these units, ACH or CADR ratings are not mentioned.


On the other hand, the HP04 can exchange the air measuring 77 gallons per second, making the overall purification process 60% quicker than HP02.

Conclusion: Airflow is a significant factor in determining the efficiency of any air purifier. The faster the airflow into the air purifier, the lesser the time taken to purify the room air.

In this case, HP04 purifies and recirculates the air inside a room in a shorter time as compared to HP02.



HP02 and HP04

In both Dyson air purifiers, there is a sleep mode at which noise level is extremely low.

Taking into account buyer responses from multiple sources, this value can range from 40 dB to 57 dB at slow and high fan speed, respectively.

Conclusion: This level of noise is not a significant concern as noise produced by the air purifier units is nearly 40 dB, which is not that much irritating.

Secondly, there is a sleep mode in both HP02 and HP04 which makes the devices usable during the night as well.

(For a guide on noise levels: https://aquietrefuge.com/decibel-noise-level-chart/)

Power Consumption

Dyson HP02 and HP04 Power Consumption

HP02 and HP04

While operating in cooling mode, all Dyson air purifiers in their 'HP' series are known to consume nearly the same power of 40 watts.

This consumption is higher while working at heating mode. It will cost nearly the same as a console heater in this case, which can be higher than 1200 watts.

Conclusion: Both units consume the same reasonable amount of power in cooling mode and are great in this department.

Regardless, to save on electricity bills, using the air purifier for a limited time during the day will make a significant difference in your bills.

The timer feature will be very handy in this case!

Smart Controls


With continuous innovation over the past few years, Dyson has effectively enhanced the capabilities of its products.

The addition of smart sensors has not only increased the performance of its machines but makes the devices more reliable.

Reducing the power consumption to enabling remote access gives Dyson's unit an edge over its competitors.

Luckily! Both HP02 and HP04 units are equipped with smart sensors!


HP02 unit is equipped with air quality sensors that control the fan speed after analyzing the air quality.

This sensor not only helps in saving energy but maintains a balanced air quality throughout your room.

Talking about its remote access, one can control the settings of purifiers via Dyson Link App or simple remote control, which is magnetic so you can attach it to the unit itself.

Auto-mode and night mode are an additional two features that help in better control of the device and maintain a comfortable environment for night sleep.

Dyson Link app


On the other hand, Dyson has introduced three sensors in its new HP04 model.

  • Firstly, the relative humidity and temperature sensor to monitor these parameters inside the room, and maintain the desired value consistently.
  • Secondly, the particulate sensor that uses laser measurement to analyze the particulate concentration and keeps on purifying the air until no contaminants are left.
  • Lastly, is the gas sensor, which can track oxidizing gases and organic compounds to remove them from the room air.

In terms of remote control, just like the HP02, HP04 can also be controlled via Dyson Link App and simple remote control.

Still, the addition of Alexa Compatibility enhances the remote control capability of the HP04 unit.

Conclusion: Without any doubt, the addition of three smart sensors gives HP04 unit an edge over HP02.

Moreover, Alexa capability makes the remote control process easier for Alexa lovers who have already purchased it for their homes.

By looking at these additional features, HP04 has the edge for this category!

Additional Operational Features

Dyson HP02

Multiple fan speeds and timer functionality separates the smart air purifiers from the classic ones. These factors provide greater control over the unit.

Smart sensors detect and adjust fan speeds according to the air quality, while a timer function lets the unit run for a certain period before automatically turning off after completing its cycle.

HP02 and HP04

Both HP02 and HP04 use air multiplier technology, and consist of more than ten fan speeds settings.

Furthermore, both units have a timer function ranging from half an hour to 10 hours a day.

Conclusion: Working in tandem with their air quality sensors, which, after sensing the room air, can adjust the fan speed automatically, HP02 and HP04 can shift between 10 different fan speed settings.

If more air needs to be removed, it will put the fan speed at high and vice versa.

Moreover, the addition of a timer function can help you save both time and effort. With a one-time setting, you can use your purifier for selected hours during the day.



HP02 and HP04

For all of its air purifier units, Dyson provides two years of warranty, and with responsive customer support, you can blindly trust this brand.

Conclusion: It’s been more than three decades since Dyson started its operation. It has gained popularity in a short time and is now providing services outside the United States as well.

With two years of warranty that covers the cost of both parts and labor, HP02 and HP04 both win in this regard.

Air Purifiers backed with good warranty always wins the trust of customers. Dyson is a highly reputable brand and provides a guarantee for its products.



Dyson HP02 is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America for its suitability for asthma and allergy sufferers.

In addition to that, it has been awarded the PTPA seal of approval. Only after going through various tests do purifiers get PTPA approval.


Similarly, HP04 has also got a PTPA seal of approval, and 'quiet mark' accreditation for improved sound and quality.

However, there is no data about its certification by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.


Both units are equally backed by certification; a signal of the trust in the features and capabilities of both units.

Verdict: Draw

Customer Service

Dyson HP04

HP02 and HP04

Lastly, in our comparison between Dyson HP02 vs HP04, we look at customer service.

No one is interested in buying the product of a company that doesn't respond to your queries after making a sale.

Imagine getting a five-year warranty, but you can't even contact the customer support to claim it - that will of no use.

You will agree with me when I'll say that it's the friendly nature of a company that matters more than anything.

Fortunately, you can contact Dyson's customer support any time a day, seven days a week.

They are prompt in their response and shipping of any replacement parts if required.

We even found some buyers who stated that even after their warranty ended, Dyson’s support responded to them well and answered their queries.

Both Dyson's HP02 and HP04 are eligible for those in Dyson's VIP Loyalty program in which you can save yourself 20% for your second buy. We managed to find more information regarding the program here.

Dyson HP02 vs HP04: Which is the Best?

Dyson HP02 vs HP04: Which is the best?

After a detailed comparison of the air purifier units, Dyson HP02 vs HP04, both the features and benefits of HP02 and HP04 should be clearer.

Both devices share the same specifications in most areas like room coverage, auto mode, same noise level, night mode, multiple fan speed, low power consumption, three working modes, and the same number of purification stages.

However, HP04 has the upper hand over HP02 due to its advanced 'Activated Carbon' filter, higher airflow per second, wider angle of oscillation, and three separate and updated sensors for temperature/humidity, particulate concentration, and detection of harmful gases.

Now, you are in a better position to select any unit that best matches your requirements.

If you take our opinion, between Dyson HP02 vs HP04, you should go with the HP04 if you are a new buyer!

Of course, getting all these extra features at an additional cost of about $50 is not a bad deal!

Dyson HP02

Dyson HP04