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Are Humidifiers Safe for Cats? – A COMPLETE Guide

Are humidifiers safe for cats?

Cats are delightful little fur balls, providing us companionship and even vermin extermination.

Throw in a toy or two and you’ve also got an endless source of entertainment to regale your social media contacts with.

However, cat colds and congestion are one of the most common health problems of kittens and cat adults.

Feline upper respiratory diseases often affect shelter and rescue cats!

While there are preventive vaccinations available to help protect your cats, many kittens and cats become infected very early before vaccinations can be given.

Once infected, a cat may develop sniffles whenever they are stressed. 

Can humidifiers help with this? Why is your feline stalking and pawing at that brand new humidifier all of a sudden?

Does your cat perceive it as vermin, a toy or just entertainment?

How do cats perceive humidifiers? 

To put it bluntly – Are humidifiers safe for cats?
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Best Humidifier for Toddlers Cough – A COMPLETE Guide

Best humidifier for toddlers cough

A toddler is an endless fount of unsteady, stumbling energy.

Since they tend to stumble around, toddlers grab onto all sorts of surfaces to swipe up all the dust and grime before putting their hands in their mouth.

You most likely won’t even notice all the surfaces the toddler has swiped and tasted until a couple days later.

You’ll be tucking in your ball of love, only to hear hoarse coughing like they’re about to cough up a fur-ball.

The hoarse cough keeps going and soon enough, your precious toddler is producing green snot and phlegm from the nostrils and the mouth.

You turn around to the worried spouse peeking around the door jamb and say, “I will need a young priest and an old priest”.

Hold off on the exorcism for now; first, let’s take a look at the best humidifier for toddlers cough.

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Best HEPA Air Purifier for Dorm Room – A COMPLETE Guide

Best HEPA Air Purifier for Dorm Room

Going to college is a proud moment for every freshman, who finally has a chance to make a change in the world.

It’s a proud moment for parents as well, since their little one is finally spreading its wings and leaving the family nest.

Though living in a dorm room doesn’t involve the same set of rigid rules like in the parental nest, there are still some rules for the fresh-faced freshman.

Since the space is shared, living in a dorm room is best described as a 101 in small-space living.The most essential rule of living in a dorm room is that personal belongings are off limits but the space is shared and so is the ambient air. 

If your roommate is a smoker but you abhor smoke, you’ll have a tough time living together or even just communicating with one another.

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Is a Humidifier Good for Pneumonia? – A COMPLETE Guide

Is a humidifier good for pneumonia?

Coughing, fever, sniffling - the common cold, flu, and pneumonia all share similar symptoms but aren’t quite the same and could easily be mistaken for one another.

Out of the three, pneumonia has the most severe symptoms and requires the most care!

Dry air is a strong irritant that can cause coughs, and if we can eliminate that cough or just the dry air, we’ll be doing a major step towards managing this symptom.

Naturally, a humidifier seems like the best possible way to eliminate dry air. But, is a humidifier good for pneumonia?

Let’s hack our way through the connection between humidity and pneumonia once and for all and find out.

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How to Remove Freon from a Dehumidifier? – A COMPLETE Guide


Can Freon Make You Sick?

Freon is a headache but not because it’s toxic to our health. Quite the contrary, Freon is non-toxic for humans. However, the problem is that it is hazardous for the planet!

When we use and throw out dehumidifiers with Freon, they eventually start leaking the gas. And as it released it into the atmosphere, it lingers for centuries, causing hazardous ozone depletion and the greenhouse effect.

When millions of people do it, Freon suddenly becomes a serious concern.

This then leads to the question: how do you remove Freon from your dehumidifier? Read on to find out!

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Best Humidifier for RSV and RV | Your fight back against viral infections!

best humidifier for rsv and rv

Have you wondered, “What’s the root of cold and other respiratory problems?”

The culprits behind the pesky flu, the allergic reactions, and other breathing problems are the two viruses – the Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus and the Rhinovirus.

For our convenience, let’s just call them RSV and RV, respectively. The former is guilty of the common cold, while the latter causes respiratory tract infections. However, at a higher humidity level, the increase in humidity renders the viruses useless.

Hence, your best bet is getting a humidifier for your room. The increase of relative humidity levels will be your shield against the viruses!

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Best Humidifier for High Altitude | Review and Buying Guide

Best Humidifier for High Altitude

High altitude brings a whole new set of health challenges that only become apparent once we try tackling them. If you’re not aware of the effects altitude has on the body, you might experience a significant shock. 

In particular, dry and cold air found in the mountains tends to irritate the airways, leading to cough, sneezing and nosebleeds (epistaxis).

Thankfully, a humidifier can help you acclimate and reduce dryness in the air, easing your symptoms and making the environment more comfortable!

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Best Dehumidifier for Dust Mite Allergy | Buying Guide

Best Dehumidifier for Dust Mite Allergy

Sometime in the 1950's, scientists first started using the term “micro-climate” to put forward the idea that there’s an entire array of local climate conditions that can differ greatly but be separated by just a few feet. That idea later got expanded to cover the human body and areas in the house, among other things.

In a micro-climate, which could be just a few inches across, there is a relatively stable “atmosphere” and the “weather” is unchanging. 

For example, the armpits have their own micro-climate and so do does the area in the kitchen sink or under the bed.

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Best Humidifier for Sinus Problems: Get Rid of Congestion and Infections!

Best humidifier for sinus problems

Once again I find myself looking for the best humidifier for sinus problems. Allergy season has arrived, and a sinus infection has once again been taking its toll on me. 

Sinusitis is horrible, and this usually means flu like symptoms: tenderness/pressure around the nose, cheeks, and forehead regions, runny/stuffy noses, coughs, fatigue, and in some instances body aches!

Many do not realize that the issue lies with the air they breathe, which is being untreated.

This can not only affect your health but the health of your loved ones too.

"The answer lies in the humidity and a humidifier can help solve that"

So what can you do? The answer lies in the humidity and a humidifier can help solve that.

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Best Affordable Air Purifier for Pet Dander | Buying Guide

Best Affordable Air Purifier for Pet Dander

Have you ever peeked at your pet’s skin? In all likelihood, you’ll notice a rich layer of white powder.

Dander or scurf is defined as “scaly dry skin that has been exfoliated, such as dandruff”. In humans, we most often notice dander (dandruff) as white specks on clothing.

Everything that has skin sheds it on a regular basis. And as animals shed dander, these flakes accumulate in the environment as dust. It’s this dust that might cause allergies over time as well as problems with airways. When people complain about pets causing them allergies, it might just be their beloved animal's dander causing it.

Accordingly, we have thoroughly sieved through the available purifiers in the market, considering product reviews on Amazon and firsthand user experiences. Moreover, those on a budget will be happy to hear that we've taking into consideration the best affordable air purifiers for pet dander!

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